China has advanced the Novel Coronavirus vaccine in an orderly manner

It is well known that COVID-19 vaccination can effectively reduce the risk of infection and disease among the population. Starting from mid-December last year, the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine in China began to be vaccinated in key populations in many places.
With the launch of the new coronavirus and the continuous increase of production capacity, the vaccination scope is expanding, and nearly 46 million doses of vaccine have been administered in China so far.
Experts called on more people to be vaccinated with the new coronavirus to achieve herd immunity, end the epidemic as soon as possible, and gradually return to normal production and life.

According to the national overall arrangement, the current domestic cities have developed vaccination for ordinary citizens, from January 1 this year solstice on March 2, 14, Beijing new crown inactivated vaccine inoculation 7.65 million doses, accumulative total more than 5 million people, 2.64 million of them completed two shots, Beijing has to have a vaccination requirements and basic conditions of the body good old people aged 60 and above new crown vaccine, the next step, Beijing will be in accordance with the unified state out the city’s vaccination work for people under age 18, to gradually establish a population immunity barrier.

As of the end of February this year, nearly 46 million doses of vaccine had been administered in China. As the number of vaccinated people continues to expand, the public is very concerned about the efficacy and safety of the vaccinated vaccines.
Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm’s China Biotechnology Group, said the overall use of the vaccine is very safe and no serious adverse reactions have been found.

The results of the new coronavirus vaccine in China have excited the nation.
In response to some people’s concerns about the protection period of vaccines, experts said that according to the World Health Organization’s regulations, there is no problem with the protection period of vaccines of half a year.

There is a global push to speed up vaccination.
Zhong held on March 1 new crown epidemic control and prevention and treatment of cooperation of China and the United States on the BBS, by the middle of February 2021, Israel vaccination number has more than 92%, more than 60% the united Arab emirates, United States, Britain, vaccine coverage has reached 30%, is expected to June this year, China’s new crown vaccine coverage plans up to 40%.
Chinese disease prevention and control experts have called for more people to be vaccinated with the new coronavirus to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible, end the epidemic as soon as possible and create conditions for economic recovery, the resumption of schools and normal social activities.

However, experts also said that although the current vaccine is proven to be safe and effective, after receiving the vaccine, it is necessary to maintain good personal protection habits such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently. The protection of the vaccine is not 100 percent, and so far no vaccine has achieved 100 percent protection rate.

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