Brazilian President Bossonaro had tested positive for virus

Brazilian President Bossonaro announced in the joint live broadcast of several local media on the morning of July 7 that he had tested positive for novel Coronavirus on June 6.

Bossonaro said that he began to feel unwell on the 5th and aggravated on the 6th with symptoms such as fatigue and muscle soreness. His body temperature reached a maximum of 38 ℃. The doctor in the presidential office thought that he might be infected with novel Coronavirus.
Subsequently, he went to the hospital for a lung X-ray and found no problem. He also did a novel Coronavirus test and got a positive result on the morning of July 7.

While no scientific studies have yet shown the existence of a specific drug to novel Coronavirus, Mr. Bossonaro said he had already taken hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and his symptoms were relieved by six nights and he was feeling fine.
Bossonaro said older people like him and those with comorbidities should be especially guarded, as should younger people.

In March of this year, Bossonaro led a delegation to the United States, and upon returning to Brazil, several members of the delegation were confirmed infected with the Novel Coronavirus.
Bossonaro then performed three novel Coronavirus tests, all of which were negative.

According to reports, Bossonaro and several Brazilian officials had dinner with the U.S. ambassador to Brazil on July 4, the Fourth of July, without masks.

According to the coVID-19 statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the US on The afternoon of July 7, There have been 1623,284 confirmed coVID-19 cases in Brazil, including 65487 deaths and 106,2542 cured cases.

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