Bill Gates-“virus maker”? !

Recently, Bill Gates exploded on the US network. The reason for his fire is unexpected-it is called “the new crown virus maker” by a large number of American netizens …

They quoted a section of Bill Gates in a TED speech in 2015. He warned that the greatest risk for human beings may not be nuclear weapons, but infectious diseases that threaten the lives of millions of people. A large number of American netizens used this speech as evidence, intending to prove that Bill Gates “tryed to use the epidemic to seize the global health system.”

The video has recently received more than 30 million views, but everyone is not amazed by his ability to predict, but he is targeted. They accused it of making a new corona virus, and then profiting from the vaccine. Others claimed that he tried to kill humans through the virus to control the population. There are even people who think he used this opportunity to monitor all mankind …

Faced with these strange accusations of “conspiracy theory”, Gates was finally angry …

In an interview with CNN on May 1, Gates stated that the detection data of the new coronavirus in the United States was forged. Not only were the number of diagnoses incorrect, but the number of deaths was also concealed!

Gates also said that “because of the inequality and slow turnover of the test, although the United States has conducted the most tests in the world, many rich people can test every day, but the vast majority of poor people have not received any test so far Even if it has been diagnosed or even died, it has not been tested. “

And just yesterday, Bill Gates ’wife Melinda Gates also” bombards “the Trump administration. In an interview with the media, she gave the US government the lowest” D- “performance in anti-epidemic performance. He also pointed out that “we need leadership at the national level, but our country has almost missed a full two months of reaction time.” She said that the governors are stepping up to formulate “different solutions in 50 states” without a national response.

do you remember? US President Trump previously gave his anti-epidemic performance a perfect score of 10 …

However, for the counterattack of Bill Gates and his wife, many American netizens did not buy it, and still continued to abuse and attack them on social platforms.

Many people say they do n’t understand: Should n’t Bill Gates, who created Microsoft, be the pride of Americans? After the outbreak, the whole world was busy to fight against the outbreak. Why has it become the main target of the new conspiracy virus “conspiracy theory”?

In fact, Bill Gates ’status quo is very worthy of consideration and more representative. It is not an isolated case, but it reflects a serious tear in American society today.

Why do you say that? Let’s take a look at the performance of Bill Gates. After the outbreak, Bill Gates did not say anything good about the US response to the outbreak, especially against President Trump! Gates became the most famous representative who sang against Trump.

Trump dumped the pot in China, Gates praised China’s good anti-epidemic; Trump praised himself, Gates exposed all the failures in the United States’ epidemic resistance; Trump announced the cessation of WHO, Gates immediately stood up Publicly opposed …

Needle tip to wheatgrass? ! What’s the gap between Bill Gates and Trump?

We must know that in the eyes of Americans, Bill Gates is not only the richest man in the world, but also a representative figure of the upper class liberal elites.

Many ordinary Americans are not friendly to the definition of liberal elite! They believe that these liberal elites control most of the wealth of the United States, greedy, cold-blooded, false and arrogant. In the eyes of liberal elites, ordinary people are inferiors. Therefore, in the United States, a considerable number of people are full of misunderstandings and hatred towards liberal elites.

And who does this part of the people stand with? That ’s right, Trump!

This part of the people has very prominent characteristics. Most of them are in the lower middle class. They live a hard life. What makes them proud is their skin color. They believe in “white supremacy” and all are narrowly narrowed by “American supremacy.” nationalist.

Their ideas are dominated by racial discrimination, have no social status and resources, lack of knowledge, are prone to incitement, and are keen on spreading rumors. They are particularly good at cyber violence and tend to be anti-intelligent and anti-science.

So, when Trump shouted “Make America great again”, these people were stunned and immersed in the carnival of narrow nationalism. Trump has meticulously built himself into a tall image of “serving ordinary people, not incompatible with the upper elites”, making these people see Trump as a “savior” and has become a firm supporter of Trump.

Trump’s election as president is enough to prove how big the base of people like the United States is!

Therefore, in this epidemic, the performance of these American people is not surprising. They do not believe in science and facts, but believe in various “conspiracy theories.” So there was a rumor that “Bill Gates made a virus.” In their eyes, what about the richest man? What if you are passionate about charity? Who made him a representative of the liberal elite! Who doesn’t carry this pot?

When ordinary people face the difficult dilemma of virus detection, they do n’t blame Trump ’s lack of epidemic resistance, but they do n’t believe and blame medical experts at all. The reasons for the blame are the same-who makes them also elite ?

Therefore, they marched on the street, demanded to fire Fudge, shouted the slogan “expel Foch, return me to work” and called him “Dr. Fascist” …

In fact, in the past two weeks or so, there have been protests demanding unblocking in more than a dozen states in the United States. Demonstrators flocked to the streets to rally demonstrations. Drivers blew whistle and blocked traffic. They said that strict blockade measures such as travel restrictions, business closures, and factory closures have caused unnecessary damage to livelihoods, and long-term blockades will bring long-term and irreparable damage to the local economy.

Demonstrators brought guns to protest. They believed that the blockade, like the ban on guns, restricted the rights and freedoms granted to American citizens by the Constitution.

Who are the organizers behind these protests? The British BBC report said that the large-scale demonstrations in the United States broke out, and most of the organizers behind them came from the conservative, Trump and gun camp.

At the same time, the US media also pointed out in the report that many protests looked like Trump’s campaign momentum-participants played banners supporting Trump, wore t-shirts printed with Trump’s head, and baseball caps.

Another obvious theme of protest is freedom, not tyranny. Some demonstrators accused the governor of acting like a monarch or dictator; the slogan often shouted was “No freedom, no death” …

Yes, that is to say, most of these demonstrators are the same people as Trump supporters and those who strongly oppose the liberal elite!

For Trump, he is worried about the epidemic and its poor performance in responding to the epidemic, and the impact of the epidemic on the economy may end his presidential career. And his biggest goal is to win votes at the end of the year and continue to be re-elected!

Therefore, Trump continues to be his “actor” and cooperate with his supporters to build momentum! Don’t these people like “American supremacy”? Alright! Then I will throw the pot to China!

Do these people need employment? Alright! Then I took the opportunity of the epidemic to announce the relocation of American overseas companies to the United States to increase domestic employment!

Don’t these people need to resume work? Alright! I just started to implement my restart economic plan! After the resumption of labor, the epidemic situation rebounded, and the number of newly confirmed cases rose sharply in a single day. What about?

Are these people very short of money? Alright! “Open the gate to release the water”, the money printing machine started, and paid them the living expenses. After all, where does the credit system of the US dollar have my approval rating important?

Are these people hate liberal elites? Alright! I’m fighting with them! What CNN, fake news! What medical expert, you were fired! What is the richest man, you are probably the virus maker …

In short, with votes, how important is the actual situation of the epidemic? Anyway, as long as you can make them happy!

Through this epidemic, Trump even took these people seriously against the elite class in the United States and further tore apart American society to a greater degree. The class contradictions escalated and reached a completely irreconcilable level.

The epidemic and them are just tools of Trump’s political election! The bigger the mouth, the more profitable he is!

It’s a pity that the dignified “richest man in the world” can all become a “virus maker”. How should the next episode of the US epidemic be played? We really can’t guess the plot …

Because of the epidemic, they are too magical. But who can guarantee that under Trump’s leadership, they will not continue to be magical like this?

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