Antibiotics are not antiviral

Before, there was a period of time when antibiotics were used as a panacea. Whether it is headache or brain fever, or toothache and diarrhea, a bunch of antibiotics comes first. Antibiotics in pharmacies are also bought at will, which has caused many troubles like super bacteria. Today, pharmacies cannot sell antibiotics at will. There are actually deep reasons.

I won’t say much in the distance. Here I will show you some common antibiotics and what diseases they can cure.

Doctors often refer to antibiotics as antibacterial antibiotics. According to different methods of killing bacteria, we can divide common antibiotics into two categories.

The first category is antibiotics represented by penicillin, cephalosporin and vancomycin. These antibiotics can inhibit the synthesis of cell walls. The bacterial cell wall is like the hard shell of an egg. Without this layer of hard shell protection, the bacterial cell will eventually swell due to continuous absorption of water. This is how this type of antibiotic kills bacteria.

The second type is antibiotics represented by azithromycin. They inhibit bacterial protein synthesis to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. Interestingly, these drugs inhibit bacterial protein synthesis, but have no significant effect on the body’s protein synthesis, so they can become a weapon against bacteria.

To sum up a little bit the way antibiotics fight bacteria, we naturally understand why these weapons can’t deal with viruses. First, the virus does not have a cell wall, and it is impossible for us to limit the proliferation of the virus by inhibiting the formation of the cell wall; second, drugs that inhibit bacterial protein synthesis usually cannot inhibit human ribosome activity (or even kill human cells together), The virus uses the human ribosome to replicate itself.

Therefore, the combat effectiveness of antibiotics against viruses is zero.

If you abuse antibiotics, not only can you not solve the problem of viral infections, but you can also cultivate super bacteria that do not invade one hundred drugs in your body. Infected by super bacteria, it is really a fairy and cannot be saved.

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