American mysterious biological laboratory on the hot search, and novel coronavirus as expected

President-elect Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States on January 20.
However, just after Biden took office, a mysterious biological laboratory in the United States has become a hot search, and the reason behind it is related to the novel coronavirus.

According to Xinhua News Agency on January 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying named the US Fort Detrick virus base as the most popular search.
So where is Fort Detrick?

The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland, is the military’s most important biodefense technology research facility, which stocks Ebola virus, anthrax bacteria, brucella and other deadly “specific biological agents and toxins,” CGTN said on its Twitter account.
In July 2019, the CDC asked the institute to suspend its work on highly pathogenic pathogens.
According to reports, the institute has repeatedly appeared safety incidents, including the loss of deadly strains, such as raw anthrax.

Since the outbreak, the word “Fort Detrick” has been mentioned frequently because the U.S. media reported an outbreak of a deadly respiratory disease of unknown origin near Fort Detrick in the months prior to the outbreak in China.
More importantly, Fort Detrick was mysteriously closed in July 2019, before the emergence of an unknown infectious disease, and the U.S. government is still reluctant to explain the reason for the sudden closure.

Crucially, a recent post by a self-described “Indian-American who fled the US” was titled “Sorry for our evil role in the Covid-19 outbreak”.
The author says he worked for a time at the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, where he was well aware of the novel coronavirus that was created and leaked.

He said he decided to “pull himself together and tell the truth” after fleeing the lab where he had been working after graduation and his boss was killed.
In 2015, according to the author’s account, his superiors synthesized the novel coronavirus, the cause of the current global pandemic, from a gene fragment found in China;
In May 2019, Novel Coronavirus leaked from a laboratory leak and began to circulate in the United States along with pandemic influenza;
The novel coronavirus was discovered by China’s epidemic prevention authorities in December 2019, when an infected sailor accidentally sealed the virus in seafood and illegally shipped it to a seafood market in Wuhan.

It’s worth noting that almost all of the institutions, people, and nodes of events mentioned in this whistle-blowing post are realistic.
Although it is not known whether the leak is real or whether the whistleblower actually exists.
But the government’s cover-up of a possible virus leak at the Fort Detrick Bio Lab is true.

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