A third new crown vaccine goes into circulation next month

Russian Federation consumer rights and interests protection and public welfare supervision bureau director Popova in the 26 days held against novel coronavirus coordination committee meeting said in the past week in 80 regions of Russia novel coronavirus transmission rate (refers to an infected person before being isolated the number of infected) less than or equal to 1,22 regions virus transmission speed decline.

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File photo: Russian media take photos of a woman receiving the new crown vaccine in Moscow, Russia, December 5, 2020.
Popova said the rate of transmission is stable in 60 regions, with only three regions — the Jewish Autonomous Region, Kostroma and Smolensk — showing an increase in transmission.
In the past week, 13 areas showed an increase in the rate of transmission.

Popova said the outbreak in Russia remained stable in January, and the number of cases of novel coronavirus detected each day was also down.

The number of Russian patients infected with Novel coronavirus has fallen 11 percent since the beginning of the year, according to Russian Health Minister Sergei Murashko.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishutin said the same day, Russia’s third new crown vaccine will begin to enter the circulation field next month.
The vaccine was developed by the Federal Center for Research and Development of Immunization and Biologics in Chumakov.

At present, the main vaccine used for mass vaccination in Russia is Sputnik V, Mishutin said.
The “Epivaccorona” vaccine, developed by Russia’s “Vector” Scientific Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology, is now in circulation and will be available for mass vaccination from February.
The Russian government has allocated 2 billion rubles for its production.

Russia and Russia reported 18,241 new cases of novel coronavirus infection in the past day, the first time since November 3 last year that the number of new cases in a single day has fallen below 19,000, according to the Russian New Coronavirus Control Headquarters.
More than 3.75 million people have been infected in Russia.
Separately according to the Russian Federation consumer rights and interests protection and public welfare supervision bureau news on 26, Russia has completed more than 100 million times novel coronavirus detection.

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