A new study shows that rising water mist can spread the virus by flushing a toilet that doesn’t fit the lid

In daily life, many people flush the toilet without the habit of closing the lid, little did they know that doing so gave the convenience of the spread of the virus.

A recent study by a team of scientists from the School of Electrical and Energy Power Engineering at Yangzhou University found that if the toilet is not flushed properly, the rising water mist can reach a height of 91 cm above the ground, potentially allowing people to breathe the virus in the mist.
The results were published June 16 in the journal Fluid Physics.

The team used a computer model to simulate the turbulent flow of water when the toilet seat is not covered, and showed that the virus can travel up to 91 centimetres from the ground.
When the toilet is flushed, water rushes into the toilet and hits the side, triggering turbulence and gas-liquid interactions such as the eye of a storm.

The diffusion of virions after flushing

The eye of a storm caused by intense turbulence during flushing

Because the virus particle size is so small, once flushed out of the toilet, it usually hangs in the air for more than a minute.
If you put the lid on the toilet when you flush it, you can avoid transmission.
“Whenever possible, people should keep the lid down when flushing the toilet, always clean the toilet seat and any other area that comes into contact with the body, and wash their hands after using the toilet.”
Wang Jixiang said.

According to the introduction, the “Micro-scale flow Heat transfer and Energy efficient Utilization Research Team” of Yangzhou University has been committed to the application research of micro-scale heat and mass transfer, energy efficient utilization and system optimization.

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