60% are infected with mutated virus, will the British be wiped out?

60% are infected with mutated virus, will the British army be wiped out? The global focus is on China… As of January 5, the situation in the UK is still very worrying. The latest statistics show that the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the UK has reached 2.71 million, with 58,784 new cases in a single day, of which over 60% of the confirmed cases are For those infected with the mutated virus, the infectivity of the mutated virus has increased by as much as 70%. British Prime Minister Johnson urgently issued a comprehensive lockdown measure to implement the highest level 4 prevention and control alert for high-risk areas such as London and eastern Scotland. However, the local people are unwilling to cooperate with the authorities’ anti-epidemic work. The train station has gathered a large number of “fleeing” British people. In this regard, the country’s health experts bluntly said that the United Kingdom may face the risk of “annihilation”.

It is worth mentioning that when the new crown virus first spread in the United Kingdom, the situation was still within control. It is actually very easy to control the virus infection with the country’s advanced medical technology. Moreover, China has already used its own experience to help other countries. Set a good example of fighting the epidemic. However, Johnson ignored the facts and insisted on unifying the pace with Trump. While passively fighting the epidemic, he also wantonly splashed dirty water on China. This behavior of turning the cart before the horse finally allowed Britain to successfully march into the abyss of unrest.

Just when the United Kingdom was tortured by the new crown virus, the mutant virus once again raided the country. As early as September this year, the new crown virus mutation situation appeared in the United Kingdom, but Johnson did not pay enough attention to the harm of the mutant virus at the time, and concealed it. After this dangerous situation, it was not until three months later that the mutated virus had infected thousands of people and was still spreading to other places at a very rapid rate. Johnson knew that the situation was out of control, so he decided to report the incident.

Due to the missed opportunity for prevention and control, the mutated virus threatens the safety of the British people far beyond the safety of the British people. There are cases of British mutated virus infections in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and other countries. Even Japan as far away as Asia is not immune. This means that the mutant strains in the UK have become a global health threat. A confirmed case of mutated virus was also found in China. The case was diagnosed after studying in the UK and returned to China by plane, and has been placed under safety isolation.

Obviously, the current situation in the United Kingdom is difficult to get out of the predicament solely on its own strength. Johnson has targeted the WHO and China for assistance. Although the United Kingdom has spoken harshly against China before, we are still facing the problem of mutated virus as a whole mankind. It is very sensible that China and Britain have reached a preliminary cooperation agreement. Next, China will use its mature anti-epidemic system and experience to help the United Kingdom get out of the predicament as soon as possible. The global anti-epidemic work will have a turning point due to China’s great help. What do you think about this? What?

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