Will seafood and meat become a source of infection? Expert response

As for the possibility that frozen and frozen seafood and meat could be a source of infection, Li Ning, deputy director and researcher of the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, said that based on the opinions of relevant authorities of international organizations and existing evidence, the possibility is very small.
The world health organization, the European food safety authority, the German institute for risk assessment and authoritative organizations and institutions such as the United States centers for disease control and prevention has a clear point of view, and point of view is consistent, that is – will be coronavirus is mainly transmitted by respiratory droplets and people contact together, through the digestive tract infection possibility is very small.
To date there is no evidence of virus transmission from novel Coronavirus and these ideas are publicly available on the websites of the World Health Organization and those of these institutions.
So far, more than 10 million cases have been reported globally, and more than 80,000 cases have been confirmed in our country.

In addition, li ning also mentioned the United States military medical institute of infectious diseases lead to conduct a study, the research is mainly to will be coronavirus inoculation on the pig skin to the hair look at different temperatures, will be coronavirus stability of survival, the aim of this study is to use pig skin to simulate the hand of the skin, to predict the virus in the survival time in the skin of a man’s hand.
“Novel Coronavirus can live on pig skin,” she said, adding that the novel Coronavirus study is another reminder of the importance of washing your hands frequently and keeping them clean during epidemic prevention and control.

Novel Coronavirus could be novel in many parts of the world, UK expert says

Novel Coronavirus, Visiting Professor at The University of Newcastle, commented recently that there is increasing evidence that novel Coronavirus existed in other parts of the world before the Outbreak in Asia.
Our correspondent Tom Jefferson was interviewed about this.

Novel Coronavirus was detected in wastewater samples taken in March last year by a research team led by the University of Spain, virologists said.
Novel Coronavirus was also detected in wastewater samples from Milan and Turin last December by Italian scientists.
Other experts found traces of the virus in Brazil last November.

Tom Jefferson, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University Evidence-based Medicine: What we’ve seen so far is that the spread of the virus is much broader and much earlier than we thought.
Where it came from, how it adapted, when it began to adapt, we don’t know yet.

According to Jefferson, many viruses are dormant around the world, appearing when conditions are right.
They can appear or disappear quickly.

Evidence-based medical center at Oxford University honorary senior research fellow at Tom Jefferson: two kindergartens in Copenhagen in 2012 study, researchers such as toys, lid, game table surfaces are inspected, all respiratory viruses, enterovirus and microbiological test results are positive, the result should be you would expect to.
We live with these viruses, and they’re all around us.
The question is what wakes them up, what makes them so aggressive, what conditions make them aggressive?

Speaking of the origins of the virus, Jefferson said it was important to avoid politicizing the issue, which needed to be tackled by scientists around the world.

Tom Jefferson, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University Evidence-based Medicine: If you look at the last 10 influenza pandemics in humans, some of them are pandemics, some are not, some are not even influenza, it could be other viruses.
People always try to point out that it comes from Russia, it comes from China, it comes from here or there, maybe out of nowhere.
It may well be like the early days of HIV, when the disease was only beginning to be understood.
Yes, we make new discoveries every day.

Do cats need to eat vitamins?

So, do cat owners need to add vitamins? Of course you need it! I always give my cats cat multi-dimensional, the effect is very good.

Vitamins are important nutrients that the human body cannot synthesize and must be obtained through food. When there is a lack of vitamins, the body cannot function properly.

The role of cat multi-dimensional tablets is to supplement the vitamins needed by the cat. Vitamin A in the multi-dimensional tablets can protect the cat’s vision, vitamin D can promote the healthy development of cat organs, vitamin E can maintain the normal function of reproductive organs, B vitamins Can promote cat body development and improve hair quality. In addition, cat multidimensional also contains folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin and other nutrients.

Cat multi-dimensional tablets provide cats with vitamin nutrients needed for growth, development, and metabolism, helping to maintain the normal physiological functions of cats. It is used for nutritional supplements such as lack of appetite, poor growth and development due to vitamin deficiency.

Raw material composition of cat multi-dimensional tablets: meat and its products, red date powder, corn starch, microbial fermentation products;

Additive composition: vitamin A, vitamin D3, DL-α-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin, calcium D-pantothenate, folic acid, D-biotin.

The main physiological functions of vitamin A include: maintaining vision; promoting growth and development; maintaining the integrity and integrity of epithelial structure; strengthening immunity; removing free radicals;

The main physiological functions of vitamin D include: regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism; promoting bone growth; regulating cell growth and differentiation; regulating immune function;

The main physiological functions of vitamin E include: promoting reproduction; anti-oxidation, fighting free radicals; protecting T lymphocytes; protecting red blood cells; inhibiting platelet aggregation;

The main physiological functions of B vitamins include: helping the metabolism of sugars, fats, and proteins to release energy; making nutrients needed for blood; assisting digestion and absorption; helping liver detoxification function; promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair loss; preventing allergies Eczema; Anti-oxidation; Helps restore hair’s original color.

The effect of nutrition on immunity is universal.

The severe lack of energy affects the immunity of animals. In the severely deficient animals, their immune organs and immunity are significantly reduced. Once they are challenged by epidemics, their prognosis is poor.

Vitamins are very important for immunity. Water-soluble vitamins are mostly components of metabolic enzymes, which are consumed and increased in the case of strong animal metabolism. As mentioned earlier, the metabolism of animals is significantly enhanced during epidemic challenges, which inevitably increases the need for water-soluble vitamins.

Cats belong to the same mammals as humans, and each age stage/body state/different body form requires vitamins to participate, and a lot of supplements are needed in special stages!

Brazilian President Bossonaro had tested positive for virus

Brazilian President Bossonaro announced in the joint live broadcast of several local media on the morning of July 7 that he had tested positive for novel Coronavirus on June 6.

Bossonaro said that he began to feel unwell on the 5th and aggravated on the 6th with symptoms such as fatigue and muscle soreness. His body temperature reached a maximum of 38 ℃. The doctor in the presidential office thought that he might be infected with novel Coronavirus.
Subsequently, he went to the hospital for a lung X-ray and found no problem. He also did a novel Coronavirus test and got a positive result on the morning of July 7.

While no scientific studies have yet shown the existence of a specific drug to novel Coronavirus, Mr. Bossonaro said he had already taken hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and his symptoms were relieved by six nights and he was feeling fine.
Bossonaro said older people like him and those with comorbidities should be especially guarded, as should younger people.

In March of this year, Bossonaro led a delegation to the United States, and upon returning to Brazil, several members of the delegation were confirmed infected with the Novel Coronavirus.
Bossonaro then performed three novel Coronavirus tests, all of which were negative.

According to reports, Bossonaro and several Brazilian officials had dinner with the U.S. ambassador to Brazil on July 4, the Fourth of July, without masks.

According to the coVID-19 statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the US on The afternoon of July 7, There have been 1623,284 confirmed coVID-19 cases in Brazil, including 65487 deaths and 106,2542 cured cases.

How long can 1 piece of Viagra last?

In real life, many men have shown signs of decreased sexual performance. When the sexual ability is reduced, it is impossible to show a strong wind in the course of sexual life, which often makes men very troubled. Therefore, men find that their sexual performance decreases, and they should seek reasonable ways to improve it.

Of course, many men will improve their sexual performance by taking drugs. For example, the more common Viagra, also known as aphrodisiac drugs, has a certain improvement effect on male erectile dysfunction. By using this medicine, the penis of a man can be normal erection and maintain normal sexual function. So, for men who have erectile dysfunction, how long can a piece of Viagra last?

If a man has obvious erectile dysfunction, the penis cannot be properly erect and maintain normal physiological functions. It is possible to give men a show of strength by taking Viagra, but it is best done under the guidance of a doctor. In general, the recommended dosage of Viagra is 50 mg each time, and many people will improve their sexual performance by taking a tablet of Viagra.

Through the action of drugs, it can exert drug effects. Men perform well during sexual life, and the penis will be in an erection state, which can complete normal sexual functions. Before starting sex, take a piece of Viagra that is 50 mg in size and stick to it for more than four hours, usually about four to five hours. Of course, everyone’s drug tolerance and the effects of drugs are different, so there will be some differences in time.

What should men pay attention to when taking Viagra?

  1. Don’t take medicine for a long time

Men take Viagra to improve sexual performance and can improve penile erectile dysfunction, but can not take medicine for a long time. Many men do not pay attention to this problem. Over-reliance on Viagra for a long time to improve sexual performance may lead to dependence. After stopping the medication, erectile dysfunction may become more obvious.

Therefore, men have problems in this regard, it is best to consult the doctor first, understand the specific reasons and improve the symptoms, do not blindly use Viagra, otherwise it may form dependence. In this way, the physical impact is more obvious, and it is likely that the male’s sexual ability will continue to decrease.

  1. Control the dosage

Men should pay attention to various issues when using Viagra to improve sexual function and erectile dysfunction, especially the dosage of drugs needs to be clear. Many men do not pay attention to this problem, and taking too much Viagra may leave the penis in an erection state. Long-term erections will damage the penis, and even the corpus cavernosum will cause adverse consequences.

Therefore, men should pay attention to this problem. When taking Viagra to improve sexual function, the specific dosage should be clear. It is best to consult a doctor. Do not use it blindly, otherwise it may cause damage to the male penis.

It can be seen that men take one tablet of Viagra every time and stick to it for four to five hours during sex, which is the role of drugs. However, each person’s physique is different, and the effects of drugs are different, so there will be some deviations in time. If you want to maintain a healthy state, the dosage and time when taking Viagra should be clear, and it is best to use it under the guidance of a doctor.

How does anti-estrogen therapy treat breast Cancer? New research offers an explanation

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women. Previous studies have shown that estrogen is an important cytokinesis agent for breast cancer, which is mediated by estrogen receptor ER in breast tissue. ER positive has become the basis for anti-estrogen therapy in breast cancer patients.
Other studies have shown that the activation level of the ribosomal protein S6 kinase A (RSK) is positively correlated with the response to estrogen therapy in breast cancer patients, but the molecular mechanism remains unclear.

In a recent study published in the international journal Cancer Research, researchers from Vanderbilt University, USA, using in vitro and in vivo models of multiple ER+ breast cancers, found that ER traps activated RSK2 in the nucleus to promote malignant transformation of cells, facilitating the growth of metastatic tumors.

This study shows that RSK2 activates a transcriptional regulatory network promoting malignant transformation through its N-terminal interaction with ER, which is important for ER+ cells in the breast. This discovery provides a gene expression signature that can help grade a patient’s tumor based on ER level.
The results also showed that ER+ tumor growth was strongly dependent on RSK2 in the nucleus, and transgenic mice with stable expression of RSK2 in the nucleus in breast cells would develop high-grade ductal adenocarcinoma in situ.
Breast cells isolated from the transgenic mouse model and implanted elsewhere in the body can spread and establish metastases.
Anti-estrogen drugs can disrupt the interaction between RSK2 and ER, promoting RSK2 entry into the cytoplasm and affecting tumor formation.

These results suggest that RSK2 is an important participant in ER mediated transcriptional regulation, and this study provides insights into ER+ breast cancer grading and provides a mechanistic explanation for how antiestrogen therapy works.

Why didn’t you lose weight?

Introduction: On a hot summer day, many friends have begun to lose weight. Why do people who lose weight together, the same weight loss plan, some people can lose weight quickly, while others are difficult? It may be related to your usual lifestyle. Some people do not eat fried foods or snacks, and are accustomed to going to bed early and getting up early, thereby maintaining the body’s metabolism. But some people drink milk tea, eat snacks, stay up late, and eat fried food, which affects their own metabolism and hurts the body’s metabolic function. Therefore, our daily life style and eating habits affect our physical fitness and health.

  1. Do you think that drinking a cup of milk tea and eating a portion of fried chicken does not have many calories and will not affect your weight loss.

But calories familiar with food know that milk tea with fried chicken is the standard for obesity. Because the combined calories of the two are more than 700 calories, it is equal to one hour of running fitness. Weight loss requires self-discipline. When you lose weight, can you achieve the habit of self-discipline?

Someone asked how to increase the speed of weight loss? The editor believes that it is necessary to start with daily small things, exercise more, and not eat high-calorie foods, mainly to persist.

  1. No need to deliberately diet when losing weight, as long as you adhere to a few good habits, you will lose weight faster than others!
  2. Eat more vegetables, eat less rice,

Reducing calorie intake is simple, just change the order of meals. In this way, we can drink a glass of water before meals, eat vegetables before meals to improve our satiety, and then finally eat rice and other high-calorie foods.

The calories of vegetables are relatively low. When we eat vegetables first, we will increase your satiety and decrease your hunger. This will reduce the calorie requirements for your food and reduce the intake of other foods. The total calories eaten will be reduced, and will not make you feel hungry.

  1. Eat more and eat less

Not only can you eat more meals and eat less, you can also protect your stomach. You can eat five or six times a day, as long as it is not fried, greasy and high in sugar. Eat more vegetables and fruits. The advantage of eating more meals is that we can eat less every meal and not have to eat the next meal. The main thing is to lose weight with exercise, so that we can consume calories and consume them, and Excessive daily consumption can achieve the effect of weight loss.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Experts show that people who drink more water lose weight much faster than ordinary people. If we usually drink enough water, about 10 glasses of water a day. Drinking plenty of water can keep the intestinal tract unobstructed and promote intestinal motility and digestion. In this way, the calories we consume are much faster than usual. And drinking more water can dilute the blood concentration and promote the body’s metabolism. Accelerate the excretion of the body and reduce the burden on the body.

Water can promote the body’s circulation and metabolism, dilute the blood concentration, accelerate the discharge of body wastes, and reduce the burden on the body. This is what we usually say, headache, drink more water, drink more colds, water is omnipotent. This is the principle, which helps us excrete heat and toxins.

  1. Eat more light food

We know that fried foods are accompanied by high-calorie, high-calorie foods. The food is fried and naturally puffed. For example, we eat potato chips. A 100-gram bag of potato chips has 800 grams of calories, and an adult meal You need to eat 300 grams of rice, about 360 calories, which means that eating a bag of potato chips has more calories than eating two meals of rice.

Also, don’t eat heavy-flavored foods. Heavy-flavored foods can stimulate our stomachs and increase our appetite. The consequence is that we eat more food. As the saying goes, if you want to be thin, keep your mouth on your legs, as long as you eat a normal and healthy diet every day, with exercise, how can you not lose weight?

Conclusion: Reasonable and correct eating habits are very important. Some of your friends do not have the correct eating habits. Although they eat less, they do not exercise less. But excessive intake of calories causes us to lose weight much slower than others. So I hope everyone read this article, you can eat a healthy diet correctly, so as to achieve the effect of healthy weight loss.

In the United States, there is a new fear of 500,000 in a single day, Trump still insists that the virus will disappear

On June 30, a record 50,000 people were diagnosed in a single day in the United States.

According to the New York Times, the number of confirmed cases has risen in nearly four-fifths of the 38 STATES where the outbreak has worsened.
In California, the nation’s most populous state, the number of diagnoses has soared 50 percent in the past two weeks, and the hospitalization rate has risen 43 percent.
Florida, Including California, and New York City have suspended the restart.

However, in an interview with Fox News on July 1, U.S. President Donald Trump said he still believes the virus will suddenly disappear.
“Our economy is experiencing a strong V-shaped recovery and I think we will be well on our way to novel Coronavirus.
At some point, it’s about to disappear.
I hope so.”
Faced with the moderator’s rhetorical questions, Trump continued to insist, adding, “The virus will go away, and the vaccine will come soon.”

Mr Trump had previously said the virus would magically disappear in April as the weather warmed up.
However, premature restarts and demonstrations across the United States have made the epidemic worse.
That same day, Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner David Guttrib said on a television show that the United States in a single day of real growth should be 10 times the current number.
“Fauci said it’s not surprising that we’re seeing 100,000 new cases a day. We’re actually seeing well over 100,000 new cases a day. We’re probably only detecting about a tenth of all cases.
“Not every infected person will have symptoms and become a confirmed case. Up to 200,000 to 300,000 people will have symptoms, but their symptoms are too mild to be tested.”

So far, there have been more than 2.68 million confirmed cases and more than 128,000 deaths in the United States.